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Pets at Work Day| November 9, 2016

What is Pets at Work Day?

Pet’s at Work Day celebrates our loveable, hardworking pets by bringing them into our own workplaces. It is a day when we share the joy our pets bring us by bringing them to work and sharing them with colleagues.

When is Pets at Work Day?

Pets at Work Day is celebrated on November 9, 2016. Where does Pet at Work Day take place? Pets at Work Day is celebrated in your own workspace. Be sure to consult with your manager and HR department. Who can participate? Individuals, small businesses or big companies can all participate and help create awareness animal care.

How do I purchase the Pets at Work Day Shirt?

You can purchase your Pets at Work Day t-shirt by visiting our Catalog. You will also find gifts for pets.

What are the benefits of having pets in the workplace?

From reducing stress and improving our relationships with our coworkers to increasing productivity, many studies suggest that taking your pets to work has benefits for both employees and businesses.

What if my workplace isn’t pet friendly?

You can still celebrate and contribute by hosting a casual day. You and your colleagues can wear the Pets at Work Day t-shirt and you can all bring pictures of your pets to decorate the office.