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About us

We work to make a difference.

Pets at Work Day is part of the MC8 Publishing & Events family.

In 2004, after identifying a need to provide information to the community, Mariel Calderón founded Pet I.D., Puerto Rico’s foremost pet services magazine. This project was guided by a strong commitment to all animals and a mission to provide a positive and fun way in which we could all learn more about our pets and the animals around us.

Two years later Pet I.D. hosted the largest pet event in Puerto Rico, the Celebrity Pet Fest. Thousands of pet lovers gathered to enjoy live music and entertainment, while learning about responsible pet care. With the success of this event, and after seeing the joy it brought to the community, MC8 Publishing & Events was founded in 2012.

Today MC8 Publishing & Events has developed, promoted and ran some of the most important pet events in Puerto Rico. These include: El Morro Pet Fest, LadrArte at the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico and Mascotas en PlazaCamp at Plaza las Américas.