Pets at Work Day | Pet Friendly Workplaces
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Guidelines for a fun Pets at Work Day celebration

Guidelines for pets at work

Taking pets to work can be fun. Since we want this day to be spectacular, we have created some guidelines every company should consider before welcoming pets into their workspace.

  • Allergies or phobias. Employers should survey staff about allergies or phobias.
  • Expected pet behavior. Employees must ensure that their pets are well trained and are not aggressive to people or other animals. Set expectations for behavior for dogs. For example, allow dogs that are potty trained and that know how to sit, lie down and stay when asked.
  • Leashed. Dogs should wear their collar and leash at all times.
  • Set up designated pet areas. Employers should establish policies and parameters for areas where dogs are allowed. For example, allow dogs to be walked outside in any grassy area, if available.
  • Pet needs. Pet guardians must provide food, water, toys and a bed for their animals, and may consider using crates.
  • Health records. Ask employees for veterinary health records prior to taking their pet to work. Make sure that the pet has its vaccines up to date.
  • Grooming. Dogs should be groomed the day before going to the office, in order to avoid unwanted pet odors.

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