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8 Ideas for a great Pets at Work Day celebration

8 great ideas for a pets at work day celebration
Celebrating Pets at Work Day is a great team building opportunity.  

Pets can create sense of enthusiasm as well as promote a healthy office environment, which can yield in a more productive day.

Here are some ideas on how to celebrate Pets at Work Day in your office:

  1. Purchase your Pets at Work Day shirt and wear it on November 9, 2016. Don’t forget a bandana for your furry friend! Five percent of the profits will be donated to the OICA (Animal Cruelty Investigators) in Puerto Rico.
  2. Allow pets at work. If appropriate for your place of business, then welcoming certain kinds of pets is a great way to celebrate a Pets at Work Day in your office. Make sure to read the Pets at Work Guidelines, and that all employees are aware before that day.
  3. Distance adoption. There are thousands of dogs, cats and horses at animal shelters. Even though it’s impossible to adopt all or some of them, distance adoption is a great way to cooperate as a team. These animals need medical attention, food, a clean space and more. A monthly donation will help cover their expenses. Contact your local animal shelter or sanctuary and ask them how your company can help. offers a list where you can start.
  4. Raffle. If your company offers a service or products you can have a raffle and donate proceeds to a local animal shelter.
  5. Photography contest. Ask employees to post a picture of their pet on their Facebook page with your company hashtag and #petsatworkday. Offer a prize for the picture with more likes by noon on November 22. If you’d rather keep it internal just ask them to bring a printed picture of their pet and ask employees to vote.
  6. Special activities. On Pets at Work Day you can organize educational talks from vets, dog trainers, animal shelters, pet food experts or groomers.
  7. Collect donations. Animal rescuers are always in need of donations. These may include food for dogs and cats, pet shampoo, cat litter, treats, toys, paper towels, detergent, gloves, antibacterial wash, towels and more.
  8. Pay a vet bill. Many private pet rescuers have outstanding balance at veterinary clinics. Contact local animal rescuers and pay the bill directly at the veterinary clinic where they have the open bill.

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